Thursday, June 18, 2009

I like the structures

(Until I get an actual website built this will have to suffice. It’s not really a blog, in as much as I doubt I will make any daily additions or updates. Once I figure out how to build an actual website, or find someone who will do it, the presentation will change. This will have to do for now.)

I have a definite affection for Texas roadside parks. I particularly like the structures one finds at these wayside rest areas. I like the picnic tables and the arbors or shelters; I like the grills, I even like the trash barrels mounted at a slant with a metal lid. I like the way these structures silhouette against the horizon or the starkness of the surroundings in which they are placed.

For me, they are like sculptures. Pieces of very practical art placed in often harsh or hostile environments for the benefit of the traveler plying the highways Texas.